The Vina Laguna oenology team is a lively, creative bunch of talented individuals with distinctive personalities but a common goal: consistently improving premium quality wines that continue to improve and capture the spirit of Istria in the modern age – the lightness of being Istria.

Antun Gavranic

An evangelist of wine being made in the vineyard. He focuses on the role of nature in producing ripe, healthy grapes and so the best wine possible. He spends was much time as he can in the vineyards, nurturing vines, observing, tasting, meditating on the grapes’ development. So that when the final wine emerges in the cellars, it is being completed not made; the process that began with a good harvest is being rounded off. This traditional approach to winemaking is at the same time utterly modern, carrying the experience of hand-crafted wines into Istria’s major winery – to produce wines that enchant, with the lightness of being Istria.

Miroslav Latal

Takes great pleasure in the breadth of Vina Laguna resources to seek the optimum produce across Istria’s diverse terroirs, whether from indigenous or international varieties. He recognises that, although much has been achieved in the rebirth of Istrian wine this millennium, their finest vintages are yet to come. He constantly seeks freshness, sweet fruit, and complexity in his personal quest for pure pleasure in wine – for the lightness of being Istria.

Milan Budinski

Believes that Vina Laguna people are involved in making history through their wines: bringing together age-old experience with modern facilities, exemplary vineyards and wine presentation, to attract wine drinkers across the market. He sees the challenge as creating a pyramid of quality, from fresh, lively, everyday wines exceptional, complex, connoisseur wines – all at competitive prices. Milan believes Vina Laguna can lead the way for Croatian wines at home and abroad, by expressing the lightness of being Croatia.