At London's International Wine Challenge 2013, one of the biggest and most influential wine competitions in the world, Vina Laguna captured four medals

Since IWC is among the strictest wine competitions in the world, these accolades given to Vina Laguna wines by some of the world’s most renowned wine experts clearly show that the quality of Vina Laguna wines recognizes no borders.

It is especially satisfying to see that Vina Laguna wines are constantly on the medal stand.  This was the first time that these wines were entered in this completion, but earlier vintages were equally successful – Vina Laguna Malvazija 2011 won the bronze medal at last year’s IWC, Vina Laguna Festigia Malvazija 2011 won the bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards and gold medals in France and in the United States, and this year’s bronze medallist Vina Laguna Festigia Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 is a worthy successor to the Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 that has won an array of medals and accolades across the world (including gold medals won in Italy and France).

International Wine Challenge is held in London since 1984. Hundreds of wine judges use blind tasting to evaluate more than 10,000 wine samples in three tasting rounds. Wines that get over 85 points enter the second round and win gold, silver and bronze medals. In the final round wines that have been awarded gold medals compete to become first place winners in their respective categories.

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