Vina Laguna earned many medals at VINISTRA 2012 including Gold for Vina Laguna Festigia Malvazija 2011, Chardonnay 2011, Cabernet sauvignon 2009 and Castello 2009

At this year’s exhibition of wine and winemaking equipment Vinistra 2012 in Poreč, Vina Laguna wines, were adorned with 14 medals of which four were gold, six silver and four bronze.

In the exceptional competition, the distinguished wine experts and assessors awarded the brightest medals to the wines of the Vina Laguna Festigia brand, as follows: Chardonnay 2011, Cabernet sauvignon 2009, Castello 2009, and Malvazija 2011 has rightfully taken its place among the best in a special “The World of Malvasia” category.

The award for the wine Vina Laguna Festigia Malvazija 2011, which confirmed its quality among 190 other Malvasia wines assessed at this year’s competition, can be regarded as the most significant award for the new brand of Vina Laguna. Namely, in the last three years, special attention has been dedicated to improving the quality of Malvasia, which is a reflection of the Istrian tale, lightness and freshness of the Istrian moderate climate. The result of this work and cooperation with leading world experts is one of the top quality wines in the world. Numerous prizes and awards at national and international wine competitions are the proof of excellence.

The lightness of being in Istria – is a guideline and the message of the story about Vina Laguna brand, while these wines are imbued with ease and freshness of the Istrian moderate climate and balanced by modern methods of wine production. They pair perfectly with fish and crustaceans from the Adriatic Sea, Istrian pasta, various types of meat, cheese and the fruits of the Istrian soil. Values of Vina Laguna are values of Istria.