At the gala event held at Dobra vina Wine Bar in Zagreb’s Green Gold Centre excellent Vina Laguna wines have been presented in new vintages.

Agrolaguna’s COB Goran Kramarić and the wine company’s oenologist Miroslav Latal presented new vintages from Vina Laguna: Cabernet Sauvignon Rose 2012, Malvazija 2012, Festigia Malvazija 2012, Festigia Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Festigia Castello 2011 and Muškat žuti 2012.

The presentation was complemented by a five-course dinner featuring delicacies prepared by Dobra vina’s chefs and carefully paired with the new wines. Guests also enjoyed Ol Istria extra virgin olive oils and Laguna cheese, which are also included in Agrolaguna’s tasty product range.

Malvazija 2012 wines are crisp and elegant with characteristic fruit and floral notes and ideal for wine aficionados preferring accessible and charming wines and Festigia Castello and Cabernet Sauvignon are opulent and smooth with complex fruit and spicy notes and as made for pairing with meat dishes.

To greet the arrival of spring and warm weather Vina Laguna have prepared a refreshing Cabernet Sauvignon Rose with beautifully pronounced fruit notes and Muškat žuti will surprise everyone with its finesse, freshness and pronounced flavours, whether served alone or with a dessert.

Agrolaguna produces wine, olive oil and sheep and cow cheese bearing the quality mark and in the last three years special attention has been given to the quality of Malvazija, as that variety best embodies the essence of Istria, telling the story of this remarkable nature’s garden and its amiable climate.

In cooperation with top experts Agrolaguna has allowed this famous Istrian grape variety to flourish and now Malvazija from Vina Laguna ranks among the world’s best, which is the group to which Vina Laguna wines belong. Numerous accolades and prizes won at domestic and international competitions are proof of excellence offered by Vina Laguna, which merits even more praise since this is still a young brand.