While the famous Istrian Malvasia is the queen of lightness among white wines, it is somewhat harder to find such a drinkable, light, everyday wine to suit the palate of both the experienced connoisseurs and the ordinary wine-lovers among the reds.

oglasi_Terra-Rossa_148x250This is, in fact, the life mission of the Vina Laguna Terra Rossa wine produced by blending the characterful Istrian Terrano and Burgundy varieties, and softening the blend with the favorite all-round Merlot. Burgundy ensures minerality and floweriness, Terrano brings freshness and the unmistakable Istrian signature, while Merlot adds fruitiness and softness. The newly produced wine’s quality meets the high standards of the modern Istrian wine-making industry, deservingly represents its region on the merit of its recognizable properties, while extending a hand to wine-lovers across Croatia with its price and availability. The refreshing and lovely Terra Rossa will win you over with its unpretentiousness. It complements good food and good company nicely on a daily basis.